2016-04-10 11:11:09
Vreau o scrisoare informală în engleză de 100-120 cuvinte.
Răspunsuri la întrebare
2016-04-10 12:05:20

Dear Mary,Sorry for not writing to you as soon as I wanted, but I’ve been very busy revising for my exam. I’m sure you have been doing the same. Thanks God they’re all over now! Anyway, how are you? I’m really looking forward to the holidays. You know, dad and I have been planning it for ages. I’m so excited. We’ll visit Europe! There are so many things to see! It’ll be fantastic! What are you doing for your summer holiday? I would like to see you before I go, so perhaps we could meet up some time. I’m free all next weekend, so give me a call and  we arrange something.Love,Jane

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