2016-04-13 00:28:54
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2016-04-13 05:02:55

B:Hello A:Hello,welcome to our shop,may I help you with something ? B:Yes please. About a week ago I purchased a TV from here and it is not working anymore A:I can totally help you with that,do you still have de reciep from the purchase ? B:Yes,here you are A:Because you puchased it only a week ago and you still have the reciep there are a few things you could do B:And what would that things be ? A:You can either get this TV the get repaird,you can get a new one or you can get your money back,what would you like to do ? B:I would really like to get another TV just like this one A:Sure,no problem.Do you have the TV that is not working here ? B:Yes,it`s in my car A:Perfect.We can go grab it and I will send it to the reparation department to see what is wrong with it and after that I will get you another TV just like that one B:Thank you so much for helping me! A:I should be thanking you,I am sorry that this TV wasn`t working ,maybe it had some internal problems.Thank you for your time and I jope to see you in our shop again

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