2016-04-13 02:38:09
Turn the following sentences into the negative: 1.That man has left the house; 2.The little children have crossed the road; 3.You have known the answer; 4.I have had breakfast; 5.You have enjoyed the play; 6.The woman has read the letter; 7.You have been ill; 8.I have spent several days here; 9.We have been very busy; 10.The students have entered the room; 11.You have gone to the cinema; 12.I have travelled by train; 13.The little boy has thought of Robin Hood; 14.The pupils have drawn many flowers; 15.You have ridden the new bicycle. Vă rog Mulțumesc.
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2016-04-13 03:04:07

that man has not left the house the little children has not crossed the road you have not know the answer i have not had breakfast you have not enjoy the play the woman has not read the lettre you have not been ill i have not spend several dais here we have not bean very busy the students have not entered the room yoi have not go to the cinema i have not travel by traian the little boy has not thought of robin hood the pupils has notdrawn many flowers you have not ridden the new bicycle

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