2016-04-15 10:50:24
Continuati povestea sa fie o actiune interesanta in limba engleza: Nick Muldoon is very happy. He is on a two-week vacation and he is driving to Pelican Beach. He needs this vacation because he works at the Ace Dynamite Factory. He has to make sure that all of the dynamite is safely packed into boxes before itís loaded onto trucks to be shipped. He needs a lot of peace and quiet. Pelican Beach is usually a very quiet place. He always goes there on his vacation because there are no noisy crowds, no loud noises, no loud music, and, especially, no fireworks. Even the seagulls are quiet. As he arrived at the Pelican Beach Hotel and began to take his suitcase out of his car, he thought he heard... [†finish†the†story†] VA ROOOOOOOG
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