2016-04-25 09:10:09
COROANA....Change the sentences above using ,,how": a)what a deep valey! b)what a icturesque hills! c)what abrilliant sky! d)what a grassy field! e)what a smooth rock! f)what nice parrots! g)what a fresh air! h)what a tall trees i)what a graceful swan! j)what a polluted environment! k)what a rich flora and fauna! l)what attractive surroundings! m)what a poor vegetation! n)what beautiful nature! o)what an ugly animal!
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2016-04-25 09:59:37

A how deep is the valley! B how picturesque are the hills! C how brilliant is the sky! D how grassy is the field! E how smoothy is the rock! F how nice are the parrots G how fresh is the air! H how tall are the trees! I how graceful is the swan! J how polluted is the environment! K how rich are the flora and fauna! L how atractive are the surroundings! M how poor is the vegetation! N how beautiful is the nature! O how ugly is this animal! :)

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