2016-04-27 04:50:24
urgent va rog dau coroana cine raspunde la ex 2
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2016-04-27 09:26:16

1. She isn”t going to write to her friend. She is going to phone him. 2. We aren”t goint to watch the film on video. We are going to see it at the cinema. 3. They aren”t going to take the bus. They are going to walk. 4. I am going to buy new clothes for the party. I am not going to borrow some. 5. We aren”t going to go out tonight. We are going to stay at home. 6. He isn”t going to use the computer. He is going to tidy his desk. 7. You aren”t going to wear that! You are going to wear something different. 8. I am not going to work tomorrow. I am going to visit my grandparents.

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