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You have the following text: Rowan Muir and Rowan Bates-Hamilton, both aged fifteen, live in Ullapool, a fishing port on the north-west coast of Scotland. The girls are Britain’s youngest disc jockeys. They present their own radio show, Kids OK? every Saturday morning from eleven to twelve midday on the local radio station, Lochbroom FM. Rowan Muir is the programme presenter and her school friend, ‘Rowan Two’, is her co-presenter. Lochbroom FM is now one of the top community radio stations in the UK. People come from all over the world to see how the radio station works. ‘At this very moment, a TV crew from Japan are making a film about the girls,’ says station manager, Steve Boyle. Do local teenagers like the programme? Rowan Muir says,’ All the girls at school like it. The boys were silly about it first, but now they’re asking us to play their favourite records, so it must be OK. ’ The two girls usually write all their scripts and choose the music. ‘We always do a special five-minute feature on one particular artist or group. Today we’re doing one on Queen. Next week we’re going to do a programme on Oasis and Blur.’ There is one problem with Lochbroom FM: the FM signal is weak. ‘Only about 5,000 people can hear our programme, and so I’m afraid you must travel to the top of the north-west Scotland to hear us,’ says Rowan Muir. ‘But that’s cool. Small is beautiful!’ O vreau tradusaa , va rog ajutati-ma
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Rowan Muir şi Rowan Bates-Hamilton, amândoi având 15 ani, locuiesc în Ullapool, un port de pescuit în nord-vestul Scoţiei. Fetele sunt cele mai tinere (...) din Marea Britanie. Ele prezintă propiul lor show la radio, 'Kids OK'. În fiecare sâmbătă de la 11 până la 12 amiază prezintă în staţia radio locală, Lochbroom FM. Rowan Muir este programatorul prezentativ şi prietenul lui, 'Rowan Two', este co-prezentatorul lui. Lochbroom FM este acum prima dintre topul staţiilor radio din UK. Oamenii vin din toată lumea să vadă cum merge staţia radio. 'În fiecare moment, o echipă TV din Japonia fac un film despre fete', spune Steve Boyle, managerul staţiei. Celelalte fraze nu le-am putut traduce calumea. Sper că te-am ajutat măcar cu astea! :*

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