2016-09-30 06:07:54
alcatuiti 10 propoziti conditionale incepand de la propozitia daca as fi profesor....
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2016-09-30 08:32:51

If I Were A School Principal  My name is numele tau  and I’m virsta ta years old. I study at the seventh form of the secondary school. My class teacher’s name is Maria Andreevna, while our principal’s name is Vladimir Sergeevich. He is a kind and understanding man. He organizes lots of interesting events for us. At the same time whenever there is a problem he is there to solve it. Looking at him, I wish to become a school principal in the future. If I achieved such heights in educational field, I would make some changes in the system. For example, I’d create several associations at school depending on pupils’ interests. It wouldn’t matter how old is the child. The only thing that matters is the talent or hobby. There would be one literary association, Maths circle, group of scouts, designers’ group, music band, etc. In my opinion, it’s important to spend some time after the actual classes with people who share the same interests. Personally I would join the literary club as I like reading novels and poetry. As a school principal I would make all the stationery free for teachers and pupils. I would also change the time of studying. At the moment our school functions from early morning till evening as there are two shifts. I would prefer all students to attend classes only in the morning, e.g. from 8 am till 12 pm. Morning is the most productive time of the day. The rest of the school day pupils would spend attending the clubs or associations they chose.

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