2015-11-02 09:54:54
Vreau și eu 30 de propoziții diferite în englea cu verbul to be la past simple
Răspunsuri la întrebare
2015-11-02 12:25:00

1.I was very glad to see you 2.She was busy at the moment 3.He was very naughty 4.We were lazy today 5.You were late for the concert 6.They were very happy of you 7.I was in park yesterday 8.You were in love with him  9.John was excitet about yesterday 10.My parents were at exhibition 11.Lilly was very angry 12.Helen was bad at math 13.Justin was afraid of elevators 14.Taylor was a dancer 15.We were good friends 16.Anna was my best friend  17.Usher was a singer 18.Lena was happy to help him 19.They were very funny 20.Ariana was at my birthday  21.We were dancing tonight 22.Lia was in love with her new puppy 23.Zara was stressed tonight 24.You were looking nice 25.I was happy about his new tour 26.Phillip was embarrassed  27.Esther was with her ball 28.Jazmyn was nervous yesterday 29.Jaxon was with his friend 30.Jeremy was satisfied 

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